“KOBE beef is one of the world’s premium foods. The value is so high that it can be said that” You are lucky to try it once in your life. ”

In fact, KOBE cows were only licensed to enter Vietnam in April 2014, while before that KOBE was still just a mystery to most diners, including gourmets. It is difficult to know if the type of cow you are eating is the original KOBE.

Many articles about dishes made from KOBE beef were appeared, such as the advertisement for a bowl of KOBE beef noodle soup worth 450,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND is very attractive. But the real value is still somewhere a little fuzzy.

Together with Thegioihangnhat.com, let’s answer these questions!

Origin: KOBE cows belong to the Taijima cow, a mountainous area in the northern part of Hyogo. KOBE cow are raised from the 2nd century for working in the field and transportation. The origin of KOBE cows originated in Japan, but at that certain time and for a long time they almost did not know the taste of KOBE cows, until the reformed regime they had this wonderful opportunity. .

However, the culinary value of KOBE cows is only discovered when the first British diners found out the “Food Paradise” in every fiber of pink and white meat.

Unlike other breeds, KOBE cows are raised in a very strict process. The food of KOBE cows is selected in a certain standard such as rice to be young, grass must be fresh, drinks are pure extracted water, distilled from the cavity wells 180m underground. The temperature of breeding facilities must be suitable, averaging about 27-28 degrees Celsius.

The number of cows raised on each farm was controlled on average from 10 to 15 during the fattening period and a few calves.
The weight of KOBE cows must also be appropriate for each age group. At the fattening stage, the cows are massaged every day with sake, the massage time must be suitable for each age as well as the weight and openness in their bodies. This makes the horizontal and vertical fat layers blend into the lean meat layer, making the KOBE beef more delicious and delicious. The pink and white lines you often see on KOBE beef are also called marbling.

Raising cattle is not properly to bring 100% profit. KOBE cattle farmers also care about the “soul” of cows, creating the best conditions to help cows reduce stress during the development process. In particular, listening to music is one of the most wonderful and interesting things that only KOBE Beef can get this special care. In many farm, owners can spend hours to chat, curdle and listen to music with them.

Kobe beef evaluation criteria through indicators

Many customers in Vietnam in general and most customers in the world in particular are concerned about choosing the right KOBE cows to eat. This is not too difficult now if you know some of the following principles:

When Kobe beef is sold, each piece must have a 10-digit code to know exactly the origin of KOBE beef. Therefore, tell the shop owner where you choose to buy the KOBE cow, “Let us see the cow’s ID number and check it on the association’s official website. (www.kobe-niku.jp)

All KOBE cows are Wagyu cows, but not all Wagyu cows are KOBE cows?

Because Wagyu is the name for a high quality cow breed, one of the breeds meets the strict gene flow and the quality standard to be called KOBE beef is Tajima – gyu belongs to the Japanese black cow breed. You can also understand simply that KOBE is the best and most standard Wagyu breed.

If talking about nutrition, KOBE is a type of beef which is not only delicious and attractive but also has high nutrition. Long-term use of KOBE beef helps you reduce the amount of cholestorol in your blood. Omega 3 helps fight cardiovascular diseases, arthritis depression, high blood pressure …

Now, you have the handbook that brings you confidence and assurance when you decide to buy high quality food.