Payment Policy

Payment forms
Customers can choose one or more forms of payment for their orders when purchasing products on.

  1. THEGIOIHANGNHAT.COM website for payment:

1.1 Prepayment: is an online payment method that customers use to pay for orders, including:

(i) Discount code (Gift Code);

– The code is still in use and has a payment value> 0.

– Orders that meet the conditions of the Gift Code application program.

(ii) ATM Card (Domestic debit / payment / prepaid card);

– To pay by domestic bank card, customer card must be registered to use the online payment feature, or the Bank’s electronic bank. The transaction must be successfully recorded from the successful licensing notice returned by the payment gateway system (ensuring the balance / limit and customer authentication in accordance with the card’s usage rules).

(iii) International payment cards, credit cards. (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, UnionPay …)

– Transactions must be recorded successfully licensed by the correct payment gateway system (ensuring the balance / limit and customer authentication according to the card’s use rules).

1.2 Postpay payment: is the form that customers use to pay for orders when thegioihangnhat delivery, including:

(iv) Cash (COD);

– As a form of money delivery, it is Vietnamese currency. It is true and qualified for circulation according to the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.

2. Regulations on payment
2.1 Prepayment and postpaid payment:

Applies to all THEGIOIHANGNHAT.COM customers using accepted forms of payment.

2.2 Regulations on combination of payment forms:

Customers can only gift Giftcode with one of the remaining payment forms mentioned in item 1.

2.3 Information storage – one step payment:

When a customer pays for the first time successfully, a one-step payment function can be used. To use, the customer who signs in the selected option THEGIOIHANGNHAT account turns on the one-step payment function, the system automatically stores the information and sets the default in the next order.

The default information includes:

– Orderer information: name, phone number, address, email (if any).

– Consignee information: the same as the recipient’s previous order information successfully (customers can adjust if desired).

– The default payment method is in the previous order (customers may choose to change other forms of payment).