KINPAKU SAKE is a unique and special drink of Japan. It is special from the material, the taste and the golden sparkle. But many people still do not know the true use of gold leaf inside alcohol.

1. The speciality of KINPAKU sake

“The technology that brought gold into wine was originally started in Japan. They did this by putting a small amount of gold into small “golden scales” – A very little size, just under 1 micrometer (1 millionth of a minimet) “,

When it comes to sake, everyone knows, but talk about the kinpaku sake. It is a bit special and has only recently appeared in the Vietnamese market so few people know it. Many people enjoy the sparkle of gold in the bottle.

But many people are afraid that if those pieces of gold are authentic? It is real gold or a special material. What a new curiosity and interest for this unique product.

Kinpaku sake is made from real gold. These gold leaves are undergoing special production. Strict and rigorous treatment turns gold into thin, ultra-thin, fragile layers. And it is also quite fragile, dissolving when subjected to strong impact when shaken.

With the warm scent of alcohol flying faintly, people feel comfortable. Attractive colors make you satisfied. So what are the real effects on the health of golden flake sake?

2. The effects of gold leaf on human health.

Because kinpaku sake containS real gold, many people are afraid. The fear of drinking it will be poisoned by metal or harmful to health. However, you are completely assured, not coincidentally, that Japanese people put gold in wine.

Through medical research from ancient times, gold has a very good curative effect. Much has been recorded in medical books. And nowadays, gold is used to beautify, directly absorb the skin through masks. Gold is made to decorate the dishes become attractive, strange and better.

When you drink the kinpaku sake regularly, you will see your health improve a lot:

– With moderately and reasonably drinking with this kinpaku sake daily. You body will be prevented from cancer, increase your body’s useful cholesterol.

– Kinpaku sake supports and enhances the function of the stomach, improves an effective way for your digestion.

– For women, this special sake will be great. Help the girls regain their youthful skin. Your skin will become more smooth, remove toxins on the skin, rejuvenate the skin. It also works to moisturize the skin, increasing elasticity for muscle tissue.

– Support and give effective treatment for shoulder fatigue, neck fatigue, migraine and effective backbone pain.

– Because kinpaku sake have alcohol content, it works against cold, warming the body naturally.

– Gold helps to eliminate toxins out of the body, so it will increase the body’s strength. That is why Japanese people live so long, supple and healthy.

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With great uses and luxurious appearance, kinpaku sake is a meaningful Tet gift for every family. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to choose for your family a bottle of KINPAKU SAKE.