New Year Gift Set- Sake Hana+Hiya 300ML

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Out of stock / kho


Gift set includes:

1 bottle of sake Nishino Seki Hana 300ml

1 bottle of sake Nishino Seki Hiya 300 ml
2 porcelain cups

Products are placed in Japanese style gift boxes and bags, that would make your gift become polite and luxurious.

Nishino Seki is produced by Kayashima Company- a very old Sake wine production company in Japan by traditional methods, which is established in 1873 in the Tsunai Kunisakimachi Kunisakishi region, Oita.

With the meaning of “Western of Japan Champion”, Nishino Seki is expected by Kayashima to be the most powerful wine brand in Western Japan. In addition to the expectations, Nishino Seki is not only popular in the land of cherry blossoms but is now well known all over the world.

Nishino Seki Wine is produced entirely by traditional Japanese manual methods, the fermentation process is strictly controlled from annealing temperature, to time. Therefore Nishino Seki Wine is not only very flavorful and unique but also very safe, the first 4 years ranked first in the contest “The best sake to drink with eel dishes”.

Flavor: Nishino Seki is a unique blend of 5 tastes: sweet, sour, spicy, strong, acrid – creating a characteristic flavor.

Main ingredient:

Kouji enamel
Distilled water

This sake has a comparatively low taste and has a mild sweetness (4 degrees – Japanese standard), pure, suitable for many foods.

Meanwhile, Nishino Seki Hana adds sugar, adding to the sweetness of the sake.

How to drink Nishino Seki Hiya:

Drink cold, suitable for cooking, better when eating baked goods
How to drink Nishino Hana:

Drink at normal temperatures, the best is hot and served with seafood


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