P&G Joy Dishwashing liquid (Orange Flavor) 315Ml

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– Product name: JOY Japan Dishwashing liquid
– Made in Japan

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2 in stock / kho


– Product name:JOY Japan Dishwashing liquid
– Origin: Japan

– Japanese dish washing liquid has denser ingredients than other regular dish washing liquid which help your dishes finish cleaner.

How to use Joy Japanese dishwashing water?

Take a sufficient amount of dishwashing liquid and mix with a little water (using warm water will increase the ability to wash away grease). Then, using the dishcloth into wash away the dirty bowl. After that, rinse directly under the tap. You should rinse it twice to make sure the bowl is free of dishwashing liquid. Put it on the cupboard or a dry cabinet and wait for the next cooking and eating.


– Make sure to close the lid after using to prevent falling, especially when there are children in the house.

– If you want to train your children to wash their dishes, they should guide them in the first few times to prevent them from taking too much water to wash dishes. It’s not clean and harm to your health when your family use pot and chopsticks to cookand eat rice.


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