Herb Fragrance Tank Cleanse (Pack)

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Uses for baths, bathroom floors, walls, hand sinks …

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• Purpose of use / Utility
– Cleans urine from the face in the toilet
– Helps Easily clean stains
– The product has a combination of antibacterial ingredients, can prevent odor and bacteria
– There are combination of “anti-tear ingredients” to help toilet paper not tear when used.
– Washing and disinfecting ingredients will clean both urine and bacteria traces …
– Cute design, compact, can be placed outside, no need to put on the shelf.
– Fresh peppermint aroma
. Safe material
The product is environmentally friendly and safe for users

– Do not use for other purposes.
– Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
– Do not spray on people.
– Do not spray into an elevated position.
– Do not store in high temperature, direct contact with the sun.
– Do ventilation after used.
– Use kitchen gloves in case of dry skin
– Wash hands thoroughly after use.
– For warm water spray of the toilet, air outlet, work, spray detergent into toilet paper and wipe.
– Do not use near fire. Do not discharge a lot of toilet paper at the same time, do not use paper that cannot float into the water to avoid clogging.


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