Tại TGHN: 3,780,000 

NIKKA WHISKY’s characteristics:
– Capacity: 750 ml
– Alcohol content: 43%
– Color of wine: Golden amber
– The shape of the bottle: The shape of a Samurai, is a break of the old Japanese bottle’s design.
– Origin: Goods imported under quota Japan.
– Odour: Ripe fruit, orange peels, forest apricots.
– Flavour: Mellow fruit of Caramel, the “base note” is ripe fruit mix vanilla flavor.

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    Miễn phí giao hàng nội thành Tp. HCM
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    Cam kết chính hãng 100%
    Phát hiện hàng giả đền 200%
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    Đổi mới trong vong 30 ngày
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    Hotline: (028) 3849 7999 - 0918 259 687
    Thứ 2 - 7: 08:00 - 17:30

Chia sẻ


Nikka Samurai 750 ml 43% is Japanese Whiskey Series, with the image of the samurai soldier, the pride of the Japanese. Nikka is suitable as a present for friends and partners.


– According to the state-supported new movement at that time, Taketsuru Boy came to the ship alone to travel to Scotland to learn the secrets to making Whiskey and then to become the name of the country with the famous Japanese Whiskey Line. World language later. Nikka Whiskey Samurai is a choice and a smart mix of Whiskey wines by Japanese brewer Taketsuru Masataka. A Whiskey product produced by the traditional method of Scotland but bearing Japanese style is waiting to be discovered:

– Nikka whiskey carries on the form of a Japanese samurai with dark amber color. Whiskey Whiskey is a product of multi-layered Whiskey Barley and Whiskey Malt is distilled from the two famous landmarks of Japan, Miyagikio and Yoichihokaido.

– Nikka Whiskey is one of the two largest Whiskey Brands in Japan. The other brand is Suntory. Nikka Whiskey is fermented and brewed in oak barrels and is a perfect blend of blended whiskey with a distinctive flavor of Whiskey (Blended Scotch Whiskey) Series but has a Japanese style bottle design. Copy

– When rewarding this product, we can feel the first scent of ripe fruits and spice from orange peel, apricot forest. The middle taste is ripe Beech Fruit and Caramel Fruit. The final taste is the ripe Fruit flavor combined with sweet vanilla

– With a capacity of 750 ml, Concentration of 43%, You will have great feelings when enjoying this line of products from Japan.


– Use pure

– Chilled before drinking

– Add a little water to feel the intense flavor

– Add ice with Soda and a slice of lemon for a refreshing feeling


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